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Salisbury Roller Girls (SRG) is an all female, full contact, flat track roller derby league in Salisbury, MD! Our league consists of two teams, the All-Stars and the Wicomikazis. Founded in 2010, the Salisbury Roller Girls' mission is to grow and improve as an organization of dedicated female athletes. We are committed to developing a positive, competitive atmosphere and promoting the physical and mental strength of our skaters in an empowering, skater owned and operated league.


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Enter The Rink - Monday, March 30, 2015
Enter the Rink

"Enter the Rink" -- Copyright 2015 Salisbury Rollergirls/Bryan Whipple Videos

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Our Leaders


Buster Skull

Athletic Director

Mega Mortis

Administrative Director


All-Stars Captains

Nuke, Lexa Cution

Wicomikazis Captains

Concealed Carrie, Walt Hitman

Recent Scores

4/18 Loss:  CRG 227 - SRG 153
9/22 WIN SRG 303 - SoMD 111

9/8 WIN: SRG 290 - DDG 88

All Stars
4/18 Loss:  CRG 211 - SRG 184
4/11 WIN:  SRG 239 - GSRD 135
3/29 WIN:  SRG 279 - BRR 165

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April 18, 2015

All Stars vs Carolina All Stars
Wicomikazis vs Carolina Bootleggers

May 16, 2015

SRG Wicomikazis vs Key City Roller Derby

July 18, 2015

SRG All Stars vs Garden State