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Salisbury Roller Girls (SRG) is an all female, full contact, flat track roller derby league in Salisbury, MD! Our league consists of two teams, the All-Stars and the Wicomikazis. Founded in 2010, the Salisbury Roller Girls' mission is to grow and improve as an organization of dedicated female athletes. We are committed to developing a positive, competitive atmosphere and promoting the physical and mental strength of our skaters in an empowering, skater owned and operated league.


SRG Spotlight

Announcing our 2015 Team Lineups! - Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Here they are, your Salisbury Rollergirls teams starting out in 2015!



Mega Mortis
Serious Snowflake
Point Setta
Posy Mortem
Marv E. Lust
Bipolar Barbie
Goodie Two-Bruise
Shove Potion
Street Treats
Smashton Pusher
Copper Feel
ALT:Big Booty Judy
ALT: Kam Jam


Big Booty Judy
Kam Jam
Concealed Carrie
Walt Hitman
Battle SKars
Nitro Dame
Ida Crazy Mama

And a new class of rapidly advancing skaters tots are gearing up for their bout debuts this season!

Congratulations, everyone.


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Our Leaders


Buster Skull

Athletic Director

Mega Mortis

Administrative Director


All-Stars Captains

Nuke, Serious Snowflake

Wicomikazis Captains

Big Booty Judy, Ida Crazy Mama

Recent Scores

9/22 WIN SRG 303 - SoMD 111
9/8 WIN: SRG 290 - DDG 88
8/16 Loss: FSRD 300 - SRG 103

All Stars
10/19 WIN: SRG 366 - DSRG 85
9/8 WIN: SRG 209 – BRR 96

8/28 WIN: SRG 295 - ARG 83

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Jan 4

Resume Derby Practice!
New skaters welcome - contact us!

March 2015

SRG All Stars Season Begins

May 2015

SRG Wicomikazis Season Begins