Our Story

Photo from our very first bout on March 20th, 2011, an intraleague mixer: Old Bay Bombers-154 vs Wicomikazis-103

Photo from our very first bout on March 20th, 2011, an intraleague mixer: Old Bay Bombers-154 vs Wicomikazis-103


It all started when…

From asphalt to rink, from a single squad to two intrepid teams, the Salisbury Rollergirls (SRG) have steadily evolved since its inception in 2010 by coach and president, Buster Skull. The initial group of aspiring skaters has surged into a devoted league of over athletes who consistently reach beyond the limits of their own abilities with the unified goal of forging the Salisbury Rollergirls into an unstoppable derby force.

The 2011 season debuted the bouting career of the Salisbury Rollergirls, and their scoring record proved they were a challenge from the outset. From that initial league came the formation of a second team, the Wicomikazis, who exploded onto the derby scene at an SRG double-header, taking their first victory with a score of 101-28.

2012 turned out to be another evolutionary season for the Salisbury Rollergirls as we were admitted into the WFTDA Apprenticeship program, and faced challenging new opponents both away, and in our new home of Mitchell's Martial Arts.

2013 proved a tough, yet successful season for the Wicomikazis and the All-Stars. Losses were had, as were wins, but the teams grew and learned together. The end of the season saw the league granted full WFTDA membership, allowing them access to even greater challenges in the future.

The 2014 season kicked off a little later with more home bouts, more double-headers, and an earlier start time of 6:00 pm on the third Sunday of every month.

In 2015, Salisbury continued growing and dominating reaching new heights. SRG closed the year ranked 101 within WFTDA rankings, just inches away from reaching Division II. Final season records were 6-2 for the All Stars and 4-3 for the Wicomikazis.

Looking to shake things up in 2016, we have switched to almost exclusively double headers with an earlier start time on Saturdays. Look for new vendors, delicious concessions and baked goodies from our own skaters, a huge merchandise display chock full of goodies, and the Wicomikazis and All-Stars ready to take on the season with passion, skill, and their respective favorite pep chants:

"Our team is red hot.

Our team is red hot.

Once we start we can't be stopped,

Red hot!"

"Kill, Kill, Kill!"

The Salisbury Rollergirls thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you on the sidelines and in the community.