Are you looking for the excitement of roller derby without the bruises? Then volunteering with the Salisbury Rollergirls may be just the thing for you!  If you are 18 or older, then we can use your help! During our games or “bouts” we need the involvement of many individuals in order to successfully run everything you see happening. We have a specified “bout production” committee that divides and conquers each task that is needed. Jobs such as ticket taker, snack bar attendant, merch booth operator, setting up the track, and many many more! Fill out the form below to join!


(Non-Skating Official)

The NSO (non-skating official) helps with various duties during the bouts, including penalty tracking, timing the penalty box, tracking points, and data for statistical analyses. These positions are very important to gameplay, almost more important than the actual skaters! We train every person from start to finish on how to successfully become a master at all the above mentioned duties. Fill out the form below to join!


(Emergency Medical Technician)

Since roller derby is a full contact sport SRG needs specialized individuals who can care for us when injuries occur. For all games we need at least two (2) certified EMT’s at the rink in order to safely skate. Fill out the form below to join!

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